ULTRAfluid - Concentrated Sonic Cleaning Solutions...

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ULTRAfluid EN is a complete and rapid biodegradable cleaner and broad spectrum disinfectant containing naturally derived solvent,  blended vegetable oil surfactants and phosphate free water conditioners and dispersants.     
ULTRAfluid EN is very concentrated and provides rapid penetration and removal of most soils off a variety of surfaces.
MAF C31 approved.     

2 ltrs  $34.82     
5 ltrs  $53.63     
10 ltrs  $89.93     
20 ltrs  $178.20     

ULTRAfluid ALK is a liquid alkaline decarboniser, cleaner, rust remover and paint stripper for use on ferrous metals.  MAF C21 approved. 

2 ltrs  $37.29 
5 ltrs  $59.81 
10 ltrs  $102.30 
20 ltrs  $202.95 

ULTRAfluid PH is a Phospheric acid based cleaner, rust remover and metal conditioner containing detergents, solvents and a corrosive inhibitor.  
ULTRAfluid PH is carefully formulated to penetrate quickly,  convert rust and form a stable chemical layer to act as a bond for paint and to control rust.   
Especially effective for brush application prior to painting aluminium, galvanised iron. 
MAF C23 approved.  Conforms to Boeing specification D6-17487 

2 ltrs  $38.38 
5 ltrs  $62.54 
10 ltrs  $107.75 
20 ltrs  $213.84 

PHORAID is a hospital grade high level disinfectant that can be added to solutions used in ultrasonic cleaning baths for items that are not,  or cannot, being sterilised after cleaning.  
Phoraid can also be used for the cold disinfections of instruments.